Vegetation Indices for Crop Monitoring ( Precision Agri )

➢Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
➢Red-Edge Chlorophyll Vegetation Index (RECl).
➢Normalized Difference Red Edge Vegetation
Index (NDRE).
➢Modified Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index
➢Green Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
➢Normalized Difference Water Index (NDWI).
➢Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index (SAVI).
➢Leaf Area Index (LAI).
➢Normalized Difference Moisture Index (NDMI).

Crop Area and Yield Estimation

Datasets required –
Multispectral (Landsat/Sentinel 2A/MODIS) for pixel based crop area classification or Microwave (Sentinel 1C) datasets for crop and yield estimation of the study area along with the ground truth points

Deliverables –

Crop Area and Yield Statistics and respective maps

Crop Monitoring and drought assessment

Datasets required –
Very high resolution images for crop stress identification from water deficiency and drone image data (RGB and NIR) at field level detection for stress due to pest and disease infestation

Deliverables –

Vegetation indices maps along with the reclassified map of severity levels and management zones.

Cropping Pattern

Datasets required –
Multispectral (Landsat/Sentinel 2A/MODIS) based time series NDVI images along with the ground control points.

Deliverables –

Cropping pattern map and crop area map along with the trend analysis and recommendation statistics

Crop Insurance

Datasets required –
Multispectral (Landsat/Sentinel 2A/MODIS) based time series NDVI images or Microwave (Sentinel 1C) data for disaster assessment

Deliverables –

NDVI and disaster impacted zone map along with the statistics

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